Generic .COM domain name registrar

.COM is the extension to register domains for general purposes. Realtime Register is an accredited Verisign Registrar. We can register, transfer or change your .COM domains quickly and efficient.

Registration Requirements

Minimum 2 characters. Maximum 63 characters. You can't start or end .COM domains with a (""-"") sign.

Transfer Policy

The transfer costs include a renewal of the domain. The registration period will change, 1 year renewal will be added to the original expiry date.

Redemption Restore info

After deleting/expiring of a domain of this type, the domain will enter into a redemption period of 30 days. After this the domain will enter into a pending delete state for 5 days, after which it will become available for registration. During the redemption period, the domain can be restored by us.

With some domain extensions we have to charge costs for this procedure. To see these costs, click here.

Validating contact details

Validation of the contact details associated a .COM domain name is required with certain transactions. Validation is required whenever a new domain name is registered, transferred to, transferred under new ownership or whenever the contact details associated with the .COM domain name are changed.

Confirming and validating the contact details that will be stored in the Whois is done via a validation email. Confirmation is necessary to activate or transfer the domain name.

Origins: Generic
IDN: Soon
Min. Period: 1
Extra Req: Unrestricted
Registry: Verisign